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Terms & Conditions

1.  This website  does  not  provide any  medical  advice it should only be used for  information  purposes.  Only a      medical practitioner can examine your condition and prescribe.

2.  You should be over 21 Years of Age to order products from this website.

3.  We  suggest  all customers to seek medical advice before buying  and  consuming  pills from this website.  You       should agree to use the products from this website after prior medical advice.

4.  The  products  purchased  from  this  website  should  be  for  personal  use  only with a medical professional’s       advice and should not be re supplied or given to any third person.

5.  The  misuse  of  medication  is prohibited and the  drug  abuse  situation  should  not arise.  The website is not       liable for any such situation.

6.  The  Website  is  not  responsible  for  the  delay  in  receiving  goods.  If  delay  arises  due  to  Postal  services,      National Holidays and late deliveries from Manufacturer or suppliers

7.  The  website  solely  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  Price  and  Brand  of  the product without prior notice      depending on the availability and other conditions.

8.  The  website reserves the right to remove any product from the website without prior notice depending upon the demand and supply of the product.

     Agree to Terms and Condition

      Note::  Using  this  website  for  Information  and  Purchase  of  product  you  agree to abide by  all  Terms and       Conditions regarding the use of this website as listed above.

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