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What is Zolpidem/ Ambien

Zolpidem  also known as Ambien is a sedative used for  the  treatment  of  Insomnia.  Zolpidem/ Ambien is most effective in initiating sleep. In most of the cases it is used if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Zolpidem/ Ambien   increases   the  activity  of  GABA.  GABA  is  a  chemical  in  the body  that  causes  Sleepiness. Zolpidem/ Ambien also has some muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant properties.

Information before taking Zolpidem/ Ambien

Zolpidem/ Ambien  is prescribed by the doctor for the  treatment  Insomnia  however  a  few  things should be taken in consideration before taking  Zolpidem.  You should be well aware of the  adaptability  of  your  body and medical advice should be taken before taking the medication. Inform your doctor for the following

*Pregnant or planning to become pregnant

*Allergic to particular ingredient present in Zolpidem/ Ambien

*Kidney or Liver Disease

*Physical Disability and abused drug and alcohol

Your  Doctor  should  always  be  aware of  all  these  conditions  prior  to  prescribe  Zolpidem/ Ambien as the results could be worse.  Sometimes people  may  have  some adverse effects of  Ambien  like short in breathe and swelling. Zolpidem/ Ambien  should  not  be  taken  more  than  2-4  weeks  else the  withdrawal symptoms can be experienced. Zolpidem/ Ambien is an addictive substance and should be used fairly to avoid any  health issues in the future.  Zolpidem/ Ambien  can  interact  with  other  medications  you  may be  taking  which can prevent the  drug  from  working  well.  It  is  advised  to  take  Zolpidem/ Ambien  when  you  go to bed,   eating  food  with Zolpidem  may make the drug take longer to work.

Zolpidem/ Ambien Usage Instruction

Zolpidem/ Ambien  is a Oral  Tablet which is non Chew able and should be swallowed with water few  minutes before bed time.  It is not  recommended  to take the drug if you have to drive or work that needs you to be  alert.  Your doctor can tell you more about the possible dosages looking at your  medical condition.  Your  dosage, drug form and how often you can take the drug will depend on:


*Your Age

*The condition being treated (Insomnia)

*How Severe your Sleeplessness/ Insomnia is

*How your body reacts to the first dose (is it giving you enough sleep and with no complications)




Side Effects of Zolpidem/ Ambien

Zolpidem/ Ambien  has some  common  side  effects  like other  medications  some  of  those  are  Drowsiness, Tiredness,  Sleepiness  during  the  day,  Nausea   and  Headache.  Zolpidem/ Ambien  is  also considered  as  a addictive drug and if you stop taking it suddenly that might result in some withdrawal symptoms.  Symptoms can include Muscle cramps, Vomiting, Sweating and Flushing (warming and reddening of skin).  This can also include nervousness, panic attacks or uncontrolled crying which is rare, it is advised to consult doctor before quitting the drug. If you take too much you could have high level of drug in your body.  Overdose  may  cause drowsiness  loss of consciousness or trouble breathing.




Contact Doctor if following side effect is experienced (Rare Side Effects)

*Thoughts like harming yourself and suicide

*Trouble Breathing

*Hallucinations and amnesia

*Swelling of your tongue or face


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