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Read this before taking Diazepam if you are expecting

Diazepam/ Valium is not advised when you are expecting, it can cause harm to your new born by birth defects. Consult your doctor before taking Diazepam 10 Mg.

Anxiety, mood swings, panic attacks, stress and insomnia are some of the common problems faced by women during pregnancy. However many of them uses Diazepam to treat such condition.

Consequences during Pregnancy by Diazepam/ Valium UK 10 Mg

1. Giving Birth to a child with drug dependency, muscle weakness, sleeping problems, breathing problems etc is most likely when the mother uses Diazepam while being pregnant.

2. A research says that Diazepam also causes early deliveries and low weight babies, however the research is not confirmed yet.

The withdrawal symptoms are disappeared from the infants body in some time after birth as the drug is excreted.

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